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Bass Pro Shops  

Bass Pro Shops is more than a retail mecca for sportsmen. It is also known as the outdoor industry's corporate conservation leader. Bass Pro Shops conservation efforts include partnering with and supporting the efforts of many organizations that work to conserve and manage the nation's natural resources. The company's key conservation initiatives include fish and wildlife habitat improvements, conservation and outdoor skills education, improving water quality and quality of our lakes and springs, and conservation advocacy.

Colorado Clays Shooting Park  

If youíre looking for a shooting experience that includes the regions widest variety of clay target shooting, including Sporting Clays, Skeet and Trap, or rifle and pistol shooting, come experience the very best shooting in Colorado at Colorado Clays Shooting Park.

Gun Broker   CO Caliber

Need help purchasing a gun or accessories? If you are buying a gun to protect your family, or just outfitting your next hunting trip contact Colorado Caliber , your personal gun broker. They will give you the personal attention you deserve in finding a gun that fits your needs, among every brand in the marketplace. They will help you make the right decision and at the right price.  



To Chamber or Not To Chamber, That is the Question  

If you are not comfortable with the idea of carrying a chambered round, you may want to start with gaining confidence in:

  • the 4 Safe Gun Handling Rules: As long as you keep your finger off the trigger, it won't discharge. We are going to treat an unloaded gun EXACTLY the same as a loaded gun.
  • your firearm: Many modern firearms have internal safeties as well as external safeties, whose function is to ensure the firearm doesnít fire when it isnít supposed to. The trigger must be depressed for the firearm to discharge.
  • your holster. As long as you have a quality, kydex holster, preferably one that is designed for your make and model of firearm, the trigger should be covered at all times preventing any accidental pull of the trigger.

If you are nervous about carrying a round in the chamber, try this exercise.

So what are the disadvantages to racking the slide? First, a self defense situation is stressful and chaotic, and your body may not react the way you have been training. The simple act of racking the slide may be much more time consuming than under normal circumstances. Additionally, you may only have a split second of reaction time and may not be able to fully rack your slide causing a malfunction. Do you have both hands available or are you using your support hand to fight off an attacker? Ultimately, choosing to carry a round chambered is a personal choice. You will carry a round in the chamber when you are ready. In the meantime, just know that there are limitations with having to rack the slide.


For the Ladies  

Handgun Reviews by Women: The Well Armed Woman's latest handgun reviews from the perspective of other women to help you choose which gun is right for you.

Top Selling Womenís Holsters: There are many variables that can make one choice good for one woman, but not effective for another. Things like body style, clothing choices, size, weight and physical limitations must be considered to find the best mode of concealed carry for each woman. But, seeing which holsters are preferred can help to perhaps narrow the field or introduce something new that could work for you.



US Bill of Rights   bill

2nd Amendment: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. 



Colorado Revised Statutes  

Part 1: Firearms and Weapons - General  
Part 2: Permits to Carry Concealed Handguns  

Part 7: Justification and Exemptions from Criminal Responsibility


Class Presentations  

Basic Pistol I

Concealed Carry