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Whether you have never handled a gun before or you're taking a training course that is meant to defend your life, you deserve personal attention. Our classes have no more than five or six students so you are going to be training in a safe and effective learning environment.sillouhette

All our classes utilize the concept of discovery learning, i.e., hands-on learning. You will constantly be demonstrating what you learn. Then, we don’t move on to the next skill until that skill is practiced and mastered.  We then mix up the practice sessions to mimic the varying situations of the real world.  For example, in the defensive class we vary the distance of the threat, the number of targets, the speed of your reactions, and the positions you may be in.  We want you to be well-rounded in your skills.

Practicing dry fire drills is a huge part of our classes.  We make sure our “practice” guns are always unloaded and live ammunition is prohibited in the classroom.  Dry fire practice can help with fundamentals and accuracy issues (most commonly trigger control), and saves you time and money at the range. In the advanced classes, we can also practice drawing from a holster — either open or concealed — in the classroom.   After the class, set up a safe dry fire practice area in the comfort of your own home so you can continue to practice what you have learned. 

A real self-defense shooting incident will most likely be a stressful, chaotic, low-light situation – against someone who is trying to hurt or kill you!   Add some level of stress to your dry practice sessions at home in order to prepare yourself for a real threat situation.  Add a time restraint, loud noises or low lighting.  Practice your after-action drills with real cover and concealment.  Go to an airsoft gun range (paintball) and practice shooting at “bad guys”, but more importantly, practice avoiding getting shot!

If you decide to carry a firearm for self-defense, carry it every day!  You can’t predict when you are going to need it, so be prepared. 

Consider carrying these items, as well: 

• Pepper sprays or TASERs for a non-lethal response

• At least one spare magazine 

• A cell phone to call the police and your lawyer.


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