About Me

My name is Amy Propernick. I am a female, NRA certified instructor and The Well Armed Woman certified instructor. I have been teaching handgun safety since 2003.  I am a Distinguished Graduate in both the Defensive Handgun and Practical Rifle disciplines from Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Nevada. I am a certified Range Safety Officer and you can find me helping shooters at the Pistol/Rifle range at Colorado Clays in Brighton, CO. I am the Chapter Leader of The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapter in Brighton, CO. I shot Sporting Clays competitively for about 5 years before my oldest daughter was born and now try to go target shooting as much as possible.  I also enjoy hunting elk, deer, pheasants and other upland birds. 

I am dedicated to teaching at your pace and the class sizes are small and intimate.  I also offer women-only classes so there is no intimidation from more experienced male shooters. I am passionate about teaching the core fundamentals of gun safety so that you can become a responsible gun owner.